Sunday: Cooking, Cookies, and Birthday Cakes

DSC_0323 2It’s Christmas Eve- but, it’s not just Christmas Eve- it’s also my Dad’s birthday, so it’s an extra special day. I spent this morning and afternoon grocery shopping for his birthday dinner. I threw in some wild caught cold water lobster tails, New York steaks, cesear salad fixings, and jalapeño cheesy bread into the cart and on the menu. I ran an entire freeway over to a resturaunt called Hoffs Hut to pick up his favorite Chocolate wipeout cake, 14’ round adorned with walnuts. I say I ran, because they only had 1 left, but I got it. I don’t really know how Lilah and I had time to decorate Christmas cookies together in the midst of all the cooking (boiling and grilling) but we did that too.

We finally ate at around 5 o’clock and everything was INCREDIBLE. We sung happy birthday and I felt so lucky to have gotten that last chocolate cake, and that somehow made it taste 100X better than it did last year. We all played Lilah’s new game she got from her grandparents yesterday called Soggy Doggy, overall just another top notch day. Now it’s 8:45pm, and I’m off to put lilah to sleep, and possibly myself, so I can wake up at 4am and play santa. Until tomorrow..




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