Saturday: Christmas Visits, Holiday Cheer and Pink Skies Ahead

JYGD0186This morning I woke up in a joyous bliss for it was my first official day on Christmas vacation, but instead of sleeping in- I organized and cleaned my heart out (and the house up) for the arrival of Lilah’s grandparents (on her dad’s side) for their bi-yearly visit. Next came bath time and the constant reminder that her grandparents were coming (and bringing gifts for her), in order the ease the fits that came with it all. Their arrival time came and before we knew it they were walking though the door with more gifts than I would’ve imagined. They basically got her one of everything she had on her list. And although she gets kind of confused and calls her grandma “Auntie Debbie” I know that she appreciates seeing them, and loves it when they do come around, so I’m always happy when they do. Afterwards my mom happily watched Lilah for a couple of hours while I secretly ran out and picked up a few last minute gifts for those other than Lilah. Along the way I was able to pickup my best friend whom I haven’t seen in a while and we grabbed an incredible  drink at a fancy 1920s themed reservation-only speakeasy she works at, I’m talking real grated nutmeg, fresh cinnamon sticks, fresh cut herbs, and then smoking them… like going at the drinks with an actual flame. In the name of the Christmas spirit, everything comped (along with an amazing charcuterie board).IMG_1399We walked out to the sight of a gorgeous pink sky, and set out to continue our shopping (which she had done none of) and knocked it out in one swift move. We both arrived back home to even more family friends for the holiday festivities, we made pizza, Lilah played with all of her new toys, we drank IPA’s and Lilah had a creme soda. We laughed and laughed, and all was merry until about 11:30 when when everyone fell asleep. Forever blessed to have a house so full of such wonderful family and friends, and I truly hope that everyone is enjoying this most special time with theirs- living, laughing, and doing what they love!CRSF2986

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