Friday: Cinnamon Rolls, Shift changes, and UFO’s

Let me tell you about one day about six years ago… I was swimming in the yard, my mom was on the patio.. we we both obviously outside. It’s broad daylight. Suddenly, the light FLASHES bright red. As if it was just a couple of houses down. Literally. Beams of the brightest red light lit up the sky in broad daylight. We both saw it, we both looked up, hundreds of tiny orbs filled the sky, rotating in numerous directions around one another, then going into a V formation, than all what seemed to morph into one another, I think it was the best thing I’ve seen in my entire life, before lilahs newborn face of course.

Today I was supposed to work 3-10:30pm again, but like I keep mentioning, Christmas is kicking my butt. Seeing as I have to deal with life on top of that, it’s really not the greatest feeling ever. Thankfully though, I was able to trade shifts with one of my lovely coworkers for a 5:45-9:45 shift instead.. so hooray! Not only was I able to get a few last minute gifts out of the way, make the very first day of my girls winter vacation special by cooking up homemade cinnamon rolls with her and watching elf together (is the scene of Will Ferrel on the escalator not everything?!), but I was also able to utilize the time to do important life things.. like going to the dmv, so that I won’t have to worry about things like starting the new year off with expired tags.

The craziest thing though, happened just before I was on my way to work, just after I had thrown one of those last minute gifts together and had planned to be off. I was called outside by my dad who happened to be watering some plants outside. I saw the most spectacular sight! I’m still skeptical of what it is that I saw, but it was truly incredible! Two beams that began in a magnificent swirl, than came together as the only thing I can describe as a very long steak of nuclear glow. It was quite a sight in the dark, dark night. I wasn’t able to get a shot of the swirl, I was far too much in awe.. (and panic momentarily wondering if so cal was being nuked), but I did manage to get a video of the rest. It’s not the clearest, it doesn’t do the crazy shade of bright glowing blue Justice, and I wish I would’ve had the time to whip out my Nikon and take a video with my giant lens, but all’s I had was my cellphone, and it’s still a video nonetheless. It doesn’t compare to that incredible day 6 years ago, but it was still very impressive! What do you guys think? Was this some type of natural phonemon, a missile launch by Space X, or a government cover up? I’m still not sure myself, but it sure was incredible!  I’d love to hear more about what you guys this in the comments!

(Featured Image: Via Tumblr).

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