Thursday: Pajama Day, and Hustle

IMG_3435So here we are, on the forth blog post, with only FOUR days left until the big day. How fitting! To celebrate, I’m giving 50% off on all pajamas at Target stores everywhere! Okay, well I’m not, but Target IS, iust incase anyone anyone is wondering… You know, because nothing screams I’M READY FOR CHRISTMAS more than festive, cozy p-jams. I mention this not only because is it great, but because this morning was Pajama day at Lilah’s school, (and I’m pretty sure every other school in the U.S), marking the official last day before winter vacation. Winter vacation which =’s 2 weeks of no school which =’s 336 hours of no time to myself if my child never slept, but thankfully she does. Which still means I have only the rest of today to seriously crack down and make the christmas magic happen- to “help Santa”, before my child is out for the next TWO weeks and all up in my grill- which will begin in a mere five hours.

Anyway, this morning was met by excitement for all these facts, and Lilah happily and surprisingly jumped into her new Pj’s and put on her shoes fuss free, and we even made it off to school EARLY. I spoke to her teacher in private, and found out that the missing mystery stuff that was so heavy melted down over yesterday on our way to PCIT, was actually her Christmas stocking from school, I was informed that it that it had actually (probably accidently) been stolen, and at this point I kind of wanted to cry too, but also just more incentive for me to make hers EXTRA special this year. Anyway, I’m going to continue on my journey of Christmas magic now (gift wrapping) and blast all the favorite Christmas tunes before my girl is off school and I’m off to work 3pm-10:30pm! Happy Holidaze!

Below I have complied a list of THEE CUTEST Pj’s for the Littles, that will last well through the New Year too! CHECK. THEM. OUT!


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