T-K, Tears, Therapy, and Theme Parks

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 12.38.32 AMOkay, so here’s the thing… after I posted my very first and initial post for the day, followed by two more (a creative writing project and a 2017 Favorites photo challenge,) I found myself having not even mentioned how my daughters first ever holiday program was at school this morning, and what it was like walking into the family filled MPR ridin’ solo. Let me start off by saying that I am not a radical feminist, but I am feminist, and I am possibly a bit too much of an “independent woman” as well.  I have had zero time or desire to be in a relationship. This could be due to the tragically unfortunate circumstances which surrounded a certain someone, or it could just be what is it.  Anyway- spiritually, legally and otherwise- it’s been Lilah and I against the world since the day she was born. But O.M. Gee did I want to cry in there today! And cry I did! As soon as the 1st graders came on, with their little santa hats and their Christmas songs… there was me, trying to hide behind the giant lens of my nikon camera, which probably just drew even more attention. The first graders were followed by the 2nd graders, and someone please tell me why the TK/Kindergarten group which Lilah is in had to go LAST. Because at this point I probably just looked like I had smoked a bunch of weed right there in the auditorium. Lilah kept looking around on the stage, I knew she would be looking for me. I waved and waved and still no sign of life. I tried to call out her name a couple of times after she finished singing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer… but I probably sounded like I was on crack too, or at least that’s what my voice was doing. Finally towards the end she saw me S.O.S. the heck out of myself to her. Her face lit up and that was EVERYTHING. Would I avoid the offer next time if another family member was like, do you want me miss work and go with you? Heck no. Help me now, it’s just way too cute!


After class was over I picked Lilah up, we made our way to our weekly PCIT Parent-Child-Interaction-Therapy visit which is incredible and Lilah always looks forward to. Except this time she had a meltdown on the way, which she’s never done. Over some mystery stuff she apparently left at school (I still don’t know what it is). She refused to get out of the car, was kicking + screaming, but thankfully I was able to call our therapist and she coached me on exactly what to say and do. We were up there in no time. It was AMAZING, Lilah did GREAT! So GREAT! We grabbed lunch at Chipotle after that and spur of the moment decided to check out Knott’s Merry Farm. We have passes, but haven’t yet checked it out for the holidays and it was incredible! I would defiantly recommend it! We went on the log ride 7 times, had the log all to ourselves each time, and 0 lines. We laughed and laughed every. single. time. She said, “GURL, you know this is my favorite ride now!” She wanted to sit behind me, vs. in front of me this time, and I realized that she’s actually big enough now to not only do that, which is something in itself, but to completely put her arms around me. We ended the night with hot chocolate and a trip to our favorite store Target for some Goodnites, and walked out with another L.O.L, a small hatchimal, and some silly putty- all of which she asked me to take a photo of. Today might not have started off great, but it ended up perfect (and without pants too). Always, Loved by Lilah.



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