This morning we were in a rush out the door again. Lilah refused to wear the new pants (pants that I bought yesterday for her that were a size bigger than normal specifically in hopes that she would happily wear them because they were not “close pants” as she calls them, leggings as everyone else does.) But nope, she was not having  any of it. It took me the patience to stay calm during the 15 minute bout of screaming and leg kicking and fuming before I thought to open the front door and have her stand in front of it. She quickly yelled “well help me put my pants on then!” and that was that.. until it came time to put on the shoes.. but that’s another story.

On another note, there is 5. days. till Christmas. What is this? I just bought my tree YESTERDAY. Seriously. I also realized that I have a scary amount of toys to wrap for my kid (kid) as in singular (one), that yells at me every time I tell her to put pants on like it’s my problem… Why is it so expensive to celebrate Jesus’ birthday? Still, is it necessary to have 30 L.O.L balls?! Someone cancel all my grown up plans for the rest of the year, I’m going to have to stay home and play with them ALL just so I can get my moneys worth. You want to know something else I bought recently, (when I was out buying lilahs new pants she abhors) a very large, very expensive bottle of “Recover” bath salts. Why? You ask… When I am an essential goddess with oils equipped for any ailment known to man? Because the bottle said “recover” and that’s just exactly what I’ve been needing to do. I thought I could just buy it, pour it in, have myself a nice warm soak in the bath, shed all of my stressed out skin and get over it but noohoho. Let me give you my open and honest review. It SUCKED. I did not recover, it did not take the pain of the manic mornings away. False advertisement at its finest. Praise the healing stones because at least they did something to get me up again this morning.
Also, I spent $45 on this blog which is almost as much as that lame bath salt and is ANYBODY EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Welcome to my blog 🙃

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