The Ominous Calling (Creative Writing Project #1)

This is a my quick 15 min. free write for the daily prompt using the one word “Calling”. This is based off of a dream that I had and was the first thing that came to mind when I head about the prompt. This was such a fun exercise! Feel free to leave me feedback or let me know if you’ve ever experienced a dream or anything similar!

I am standing in the middle of a well known area in my city but the whole place is barren. There are streets, and streetlights that flicker and change shades, but no cars to follow. There are shops with no shoppers, not a person in sight. Just me, standing at an intersection in an eerie haze of fog which covers everything like a thick chenille blanket. My house is a couple of blocks away now, and I must get there. Something strange is happening. I move faster and faster until I finally get to the beginning of my cul-de-sac. I know my home is at the end, but my neighbors front door is wide open. I make my way inside, I am winded. The is a tea kettle on the stove, the fire is glowing, but no-one is there. I turn the knob to extinguish the flame and leave. Something very strange is going on, I’ve got to get home. I walk a few steps, one house over and I am there. There is my front yard, there is my front porch, there is my garden hose, and there are my Juliet Roses. My heart is palpitating, I can hear my family inside. The door is locked as always, and I bang and bang and bang on the door until someone finally opens it and I feel momentary relief. It’s my grandmother staring at me through the tiny holes in our white screen door. “Can I help you?” she says to me irritably. I can tell my mom is around the corner, her voice whispers, “just shut the door” to my grandmother. I can see my daughter playing on her unicorn rocker near our christmas tree- through the small crack of two curtains in our picture window. It hits me that they have no idea who I am. I reach into my pocket and pull out a cell phone, the only thing that’s on me. It only has one phone number in it to call, and I dial like my life depended on it. I can hear a ringing from inside of the house. I can see myself walking over to the Christmas tree to play with my daughter, through that crack in the curtains of our picture window. It’s me I’m calling, I’m trying to get through, but nobody’s answering.


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